Wednesday, July 30

Jake Parker Sketchbook Dump

Hey guys, Jake here. Here's a dump of all the robots I've been drawing for the past couple months. I've been a long time contributor at NBM, but I tend to neglect the blog. I post mostly on the Facebook page.

In case you don't know know me, I'm an independent artist working out of my home studio in Utah. I do graphic novels, children's books, and concept art.

The past couple months I've been doing a webcomic called Skull Chaser. You might like it:

And my personal website:

Anyway, enjoy the dump!

Monday, July 28

BRIEGEL 1.3 -LEG - Nuthin' But Mech Site B

The latest model WIP by Luca Zampriolo

Mech Drawings

Hi Guys!

Here are some mech drawings that I did a while ago.
All fine liner on tracing paper.

Inc Robot Test images

Been working hard on my book project 'Inc" along with a good group of other talented artists, Here's a couple of test images. The whole robot will be revealed when the time is right.

Monday, July 21

TyRuben Ellingson Expose'

Ash Thorp of The Collective Podcast has a very nice and informative interview with TyRuben Ellingson on his life and career. Stop by and lend an ear to the insights of this pioneer of design and visual effects.

Visit his Facebook page for continued updates.